Cannot GET /homeassistant/services and /homeassistant/entities

Hello all… I was hoping to start my first automation in Node Red tonight but after installing the node-red-contrib-home-assistant palette, I received the first error when trying to edit the service call node. The entities error was from the current state node… Soo, the last 5 hours has been trying to google / finagle my way around the terminal looking for files, etc to no avail.

I am running a RPi4 with Hassbian + DuckDNS / LetsEncrypt…


There’s your problem.

You need the websocket version.

Did that and am no longer getting the error, so I appreciate it… However, any chance you can help me figure out how to test if home-assistant and node-red are talking to each other? I can’t get the iframe_panel to reach node red… So close to wiping the hassbian install tonight and going to

Thanks man

This has nothing to do with the node red palette, but you can’t have an http iframe in an https page.

You can confirm node red and home assistant are talking to each other, by literally creating a flow using home assistant nodes.

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All good now. Thanks