Cannot Log in after changing Router

Hi everyone,

Just switched the router in the house and it appears I can no longer log in.

-I am able to get to the login screen with the new static local IP address
-but I am stuck at the login screen despite the fact the login and pass has not changed
-I am able to login via my iPhone HA app. But seems like password does not seem to work. I tried changing the password under profile but it wouldn’t let me as my current password is “invalid”
-I am also able to log in using my spouse’s credential (which does not have full admin rights).

I have HA set up via VM on Proxmox. It’s been a while since I had to use Putty and etc. Would appreciate any tips and tricks on how to fix it.

It might sound trivial but execute the following steps if you have not done that already:

  1. Reboot HA VM
  2. Reboot the PC you are using to access HA
  3. Clear your Browser’s cache
  4. If all that does not help than also reboot your Proxmox Server.