Cannot pair TRV TS0601 after connecting it with native gateway and app


I’m running HA OS 11.2 on a Raspi 3B with a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 Dongle and ZHA integration.

I had 4 similar TRVs (Vale TV05-ZG, they are showing as TS0601 in HA) succesfully integrated and running for a few weeks. I noticed that at least two of them did not work as expected and after ruling out mechanical defects I decided to check the firmware version. As HA/ZHA could not read it I removed 2 TRVs and added them to the native Tuya Smart Life App via a Tuya Zigbee gateway. It workd fine, I could get the Firmware version and removed them again from the Tuya Gateway and App. When I wanted to add them to HA again, it did not work. ZHA cannot find them when they are in pairing mode.

Any suggestions or confirmations that this is a previously reported bug?

Thanks a lot for the great work behind and around Home Assistant!