Cannot read property states of undefined?

This just popped up after upgrading to 0.81.0.
The “id:” recorded in the big red lovelace screen matches the “id:” that got inserted into my u-lovelace.yaml:

  - title: Home
    id: home
    icon: mdi:home
      - id: 1c4802b3584f4ed193bd11cb809a919d  # Automatically created id
        type: vertical-stack
          - type: weather-forecast
            entity: weather.smithville

A couple of the other auto-mods seem to work although ALL of the media-player items do not.

I tried commenting out the offending auto-ids and no more than 30 seconds after I do, some evil little gremlin starts plugging in a new one.

i’m having the same issue with the weather-forecast card

known problem with 0.81.0 and stacks.
the auto-id’s are for a new coming edit feature - so don’t delete them. they just keep being regenerated.

0.81.1 is supposed to fix the issue but it didn’t for me and some others…

The auto-id thingie would have been nice to be warned about being I am already using "id:"s now for web page naming (it’s stated intent).

you mean like here?

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Yep! There… right where everyone knows to find it. :slight_smile: