Cannot save / retrieve scenes trough UI but they are saved in yaml

Hi there,

I have problems saving a scene(s) and I don’t know if this is a bug or I am doing something wrong.

When creating a scene(s) through the UI and hit save it looks like the scene isn’t saved for some reason hitting refresh on the scenes main page doesn’t load them either.
If I open the scene.yaml file directly they are saved
also when I want to include them into an automation they can’t be found?

Do I need to enable something or is it a bug?

Hope I’ve explained it a bit but English isn’t my native language
sorry of it’s not clear

You have to make sure that this is in your configuration.yaml file:

scene: !include scenes.yaml

After you add the above line you can navigate to Configuration -> Server Controls -> and press Reload Scenes button on that page. And then your Scenes should show up.