Cannot set / save area for Zigbee deviced added with zigbee2mqtt (conbee2-deconz)

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I’ve started in december 2021 with a simple setup. At the time I used the latest HA version in December, version 21.12. I use zigbee2mqtt. Device adaption, showing up in HA, all works fine.

In December, when I did add a device, I changed the name in zigbee2mqtt (changed name showed up in HA), and in HA I changed the area in devices (I think).

Now (version 2022.2.2), when I add a new device, change the name in zigbee2mqtt, when I go over to devices, I open the device, press the pencil and change the area. The cancel/update buttons are blue. I click update, but nothing happens. When I click the pencil again, cancel/update is greyed out. If I restart HA, cancel/update is blue again, but it will not update the area.

Can it be that something is broken? I did a reinstall of HA, which doesn’t change anything. Can I change the area some other way? Or am I just doing it wrong? In zigbee2mqtt I can’t find anything about a possibility to enter an area.

Hardware: pi4, HA2022.2.2 (official image for pi4 64bit), Conbee2.

Troubleshooting done:

  • restart zigbee2mqtt
  • restart HA
  • restart pi
  • reinstall HA, not restored from backup.

Thanks all!

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Known issue with 2022.2, not being able to change a device name or any other attribute.

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Thank you soo much! Now my head can stop spinning…