Cannot set-up wifi since SD card not readable from this computer

Hello, I have a problem: when I plug my SDCARD in my macbook pro it says “this device is not readable by this computer”.

So how am I supposed to set-up wifi? How do I modify resin.sample file?

I try with the configurator but that part of the files are not there.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you

If you follow the instructions here it refers to putting a file on a USB stick, not the SD Card, by following this how-to

Can be usb or sd. Per reading in both references.

@alebodo is this a new install? I believe the changes need to be done after installing the image on the card, but before plugging it into your raspi.

You can setup the wifi post install though, but via the cmd line, so will need to be accessible via the lan.

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The raspi only has 1 SD slot so it must be USB

And yet the file is modified on the actual card you mounted the image on. Not a seperate usb.

@anon34565116 please read the links you posted.

Short version.

Mount image to sd card.
Edit file for wifi.
Then insert sd card into raspi, and wait for the install to finish.

You can use either a sd card or usb for this.

This is assuming that this is an initial install, otherwise the changes may need to be made via the cli with the raspi connected via lan. But you will need ssh installed.

Other options if none of that works may be to install say puppylinux on a usb, boot your computer via that usb which may let you acces and modify the sd card. A lot of mays there as i haven’t tried it.

Thank you for your contribution. It’s a new installation but I have been running it for few days so I installed some add ons etc.

I have ssh and followed this instructions to mount the partition of the sd card in my mac:
I don’t know what file to modify and where it is.

I find it wierd I have to use a USB named CONFIG and creating network/network-configuration in it. Isn’t it possible to modify a file in the SD via SSH at this point?


You may need to open file explorer as root and look that way.

Try the following:

From your boot directory, the main directory.
sudo nano /CONFIG/network/my-network

If it complains about the directories then try:

sudo mkdir CONFIG
sudo mkdir network
cd network
sudo nano my-network

Then add the wifi settings. Once you are done hit CTRL X and choose yes to save file. Restart the raspi

I personally like the winscp program, uses your ssh login with an explorer interface.

Hello. I did do it with an USB and it worked. Thanks for your help.

2 more questions:
1- can i remove the usb now? or do I need it forever if I want to connect via wifi?
2- the router sees 2 different mac addresses and gives 2 different ip addresses is that correct? one for the wired connection and one for the wificonnection

thank you for your help!!

2 different ip addresses woud be correct since there are 2 different physical mac addresses on the network. You should be able to unplug your ethernet connection, assuming your Wi-Fi connection survives a reboot of the system.

Alright thank you!!! I am happy this worked out smoothly :slight_smile: