Cannot upgrade core past 2023.6.3 due to "homeassistant" integration not found

Upgrade from 2023.6.3 to 2023.7.0 (or higher) consistently fails and rolls back. Rollback log contains:

2024-01-14 15:23:51.205 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Setup failed for homeassistant: Integration not found.
2024-01-14 15:23:51.205 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Setup failed for persistent_notification: Integration not found.
2024-01-14 15:23:51.205 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.bootstrap] Home Assistant core failed to initialize.

Downgrade to lower versions works. I have been using ha core update in the terminal.

Runing on a Rasberry Pi3, standard install. Supervisor version 2023.12.0.

I am not using any of the integrations mentioned as having non-backwards compatible changes in this release. Have tried commenting out most of the configuration.yaml.

Does anyone know how to get debug logs from the loader in the rollback log ? I don’t see many in the code tho…

Any help greatly appreciated.

Further update, deleted the content of the config folder and restarted. This seems to put it into a fresh state, with the onboarding prompt. Upgrade from there encounters the same problem.

Run ha os update

And make sure all your integration is also updated

PS: The thing is, why people ( Wait so long ) with upgrading, same people also tend to skip reading the specific Release notes, i.e breaking changes, integrations moved from yaml to UI, etc … i dont say it’s wrong to skip 6 month, it just make the task more overwhelm and risky.

I.E some integration needs update doo to a certain core update etc etc , so in which end to start and proceed ?, because it goes both ways , i.e OS first Core then, in which order ? , and when did the various integration updates came, and why ( Doo to core supervisor updates ? )

However in your current state i would try OS update then Next-integration-version etc. etc. … it’s a time-line task you are facing ( because you skipped it, even when / thou it was major breaking changes ) , and you can’t really know which versions you can skip and when …

Thanks for responding! OS is at latest (11.4). Also at latest supervisor. If I understand, what you’re saying (very reasonably) is that by not upgrading core for a long time I have an unusual combination of OS / core / supervisor versions. The core upgrade fails to the very next version (2023.6.3 → 2023.7.0) and I do not think any of the integrations I am actually using are affected by that update.

Anyway, I got the bright idea (I thought) of taking a backup and re-flashing the SD card and then restoring. But I think the restore rolled back the core version to 2023.6.3 to match the backup. Perhaps I need a partial backup ?

Didn’t you get the message. There are no more “breaking changes”. They are now “Backward-incompatible Changes”.

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Maybe you can solve your situation with partial, around 9-10 the Python 3.10 version was also (abandoned -no longer supported), so yes you have a very Odd mix now i guess, certain add-ons and integrations also needed to be upgraded.
IThe smal fraction of logfiles you post complains about integrations, so you could either disable, or uninstall integrations / add-ons which have no specific settings you can’t copy/paste etc.

Also if you have any integrations setup in configuration.yaml , i suggest you un-commend them
Now and then, integrations are moved from yaml to UI, this might also have an effect on your installation as you haven’t followed the release notes, you can either read them ( month by month ), or save / copy what you can and start a fresh install, of HA and integrations / add-ons

PS: lots of files / settings can be copied from old backups, yaml and json files, add-on settings etc