Cant add energy card to dashboard

I cant see any cards relating to energy to add to a dashboard I have created. It is visible on the autogenerated HA dashboard, but when I go to my own dashboard and click “add card”, I cant see any energy related options? Are there some prerequisites I am missing?
I am on latest version of HA

Google is your friend. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I wasnt clear in my question. I am aware of the energy cards, but I cannot see them in the list of cards to add in my main dashboard, is there something that needs to be done to enable them, or any prerequesites?

Guessing they just aren’t in the UI and have to be added via YAML.

You have the examples in the provided link.
It is the only way to add those very specific, non customizable, cards.
Juste select “manual card” and copy/paste.

Ah OK, thanks, I am just a bit surprised there isnt a UI-based way to add these, but will do manually!