Can't Add HomeKit

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I’ve had HomeKit on a previous build, but after starting over I can’t get the to “see” my HASSIO build. I get the pin code from the Notifications tray, but after I type it into the, the app doesn’t display a bridge to add. I see no errors or anything noticeable in the logs.

Any ideas?



UPDATE: It’s my network. I still haven’t solved the problem, but I’ve identified that it works when I try it on a different router. The problem is specific to my new Netgear Orbi (I had a lot of changes, so I couldn’t be sure).

Anyone have ideas as to what I can change to my Orbi to get it to recognize the HomeKit bridge?


SOLUTION: Bridge the ISPs modem to the Orbi, put “port: 51829” in the config under HomeKit, and open that port on the Orbi. Things didn’t show right away, but they did eventually