Cant add Z-wave Devices using HA Yellow+Zooz ZAC93

Hi good people!
So I am trying to move from HE to HA and trying to move devices.
Got the ZOOZ ZAC93 today and was trying to see if I can get z-wave to work directly on HA.

But no matter what I do, it wont find the devices I tried.
They can be added easily to HE and to another Hub I have but not to HA/zooz.

Maybe I am doing something wrong here…
I followed the instructions to install it, added Z-wave JS on HA, then added the Zooz in the correct configs and its fully recognised on the HA.
Zooz is running firmware version 1.2
Tried all 3 ways of security inclusions.
It just keep searching until time out.
Tried Rebooting HA a few times, moved it super close to one another.
I power the HA using POE+ on Unifi if that makes a difference(dont have a power adopter for it).

Any help is welcomed <3

p.s I am a complete newbie in HA or home automations stuff.

Thank you!

Is your region correctly set?

I think so, where can I see this?

A device can’t be added if it’s already paired with another controller, so be sure to “exclude” each device before adding to the new HA Zooz controller.

Those spesific z-wave switches exclude themselves when I do factory reset.
when I do that, I am able to include them with Hubitat and with the original hub.
Its just Zooz that cant include them.

Tried to find a way to exclude them but there is none(except in Hubitat but that doesnt seem to work either.
I tried several switches, ones who never been paired with Hubitat and ones which I exclude in Hubitat first.

You cannot set the region using the regular Z-Wave JS addon you need to switch to Z-Wave JS UI for that.

Also to exclude devices using Z-Wave JS you go to SETTINGS > Devices and Services > Click Z-Wave Logo > Click Configure > Click Remove Device > Click Start Exclusion.

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Thank you!

For future people facing this issue:
I installed the Z-Wave JS UI, changed region of the device to EU and it worked.
It seems it was set on US, since thats where I ordered it from.

Did you order from Zooz directly or somewhere else? When you order from Zooz, they have an option of selecting US or EU. Presumably if you pick EU it would ship with the correct region. Might be useful for others to know how you ordered it.



Ordered mine from