Can't connect to hassio-local:8123

I have setup a new hassio on a pi 3b device. The instruction says open a browser can connect to the home assistance by using the http://hassio.local:8123

I have config a usb with system-connections file for the wifi setting. I’m not able to connect via a browser and can not find what IP address it has.

I connected the PI to a monitor, keyboad and mouse. I get a message welcome to HassOS
It prompts me to login, I use root and no password and I get the hassio > prompt

I am stuck here. how do I find the ip address that the PI has? I like to connect to it via the browser to finish setting it up.

I looked for command line document on hassio but with out much luck.

any help would be great.


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What address does your router say it has?

My router says it’s Ip as
I tried that address but it gives me page can’t be displayed. Http://

I am trying to confirm it’s IP address from the raspberry pi device.

I also have this problem.

I have the same problem

Same here; access to …duckdns works while access to …internal_IP or hassio.local in https:// has stopped working after upgrade to 0.106.2

I have a similar issue, after updating a fresh install to the latest version, it now says “Connection refused” And wont display the lovelace interface or anything

The same, it just stopped responding on the requests from yesterday