Can't connect with Putty or get to my files with Samba

A week ago, I started messing around with the, having never tried Home Assistant at all before. I got it all working, I installed Samba and SSH Server and was able to SSH into the device and get to the config files through another computer on the same WiFi. However…

Yesterday, I suddenly lost the connection through Samba. The hassio is not visible at all, through neither of my two computers. And when I try to connect through Putty the same way I’ve always have, I get the message “Network error: Connection timed out”. But I can still surf to my Hassio just fine, I just can’t change any configuration.

I have created a subdomain of a domain I own, and pointed it to the IP adress of my router. And I added on my router a post forward of the port 8123 to the IP of the Raspberry Pi. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but this worked fine just a few days ago. As I said, I can surf to it just fine, I just can’t SSH or Samba my way into it.

I don’t really want to wipe the SD card and start from scratch again, I’d rather find out what the problem is. Does anybody have any idea?

Try using hassio.local or use your internal IP address.

hassio.local gives me “Host does not exist”.
The Raspberry Pie IP gives me Network Error: COnnection timed out
The new domain I created gives me the same: Network Error: Connection timed out.

Some obvious questions - just to rule them out.

Are you specifying the the port id 8123 when you try to connect via the IP address?
That is, in your browser are you typing for example

Does your Pi have a static IP address assigned to it? maybe its been allocated a new IP address by your router