Cant create a group with lights

With the latest change and losing all my lights that were grouped for me by default, I thought I’d just add them to my group yaml. I add this but it doesnt seem to work all my lights stay as individual cards still. Anyone know why? I cant figure out how to parse correctly in the forum but the spaces are actually there correct and the check config passes.

- light.dining_room_lights
- light.jr_s_bedroom_light
- light.kitchen_lights
- light.living_room_ceiling_lights
- light.living_room_floor_lights
- light.naomi_s_room_light
- light.porchlights
- light.side_of_house_wall_lights

My groups.yaml file, name and control are optional, but shoud work if individual entities are available.

  name: Living Room
  control: hidden
     - light.livingroom
     - light.gateway

This is what mine looks like no matter what I do. They used to look like the Fan section in the image.

When you post code in the forums, please use code wraps so the syntax doesn’t get lost. It appears your yaml is incorrect, try this (leave out top line in a groups.yaml):

    name: Lights
      - light.dining_room_lights
      - light.jr_s_bedroom_light
      - light.kitchen_lights

Also, if you are using the default lovelace config, you might want to do some customizing to get rid of individual entity cards and add cards for the groups you want.

They look like individual Lights cards, try creating Entities card via “Configure UI”

Thanks Serg, that’s what I was hoping to not do, last time I did that I messed up my whole view and it wasn’t easy to go back from my mess up.

There does appear to be a bug in the auto generated UI, but as of 0.104 you can remove your Lovelace config and revert to auto mode all from the UI without restart if it makes you feel somewhat better in taking control.

ian! You’re my hero, do you have info on how to do that? If so I’ll go hack it today.

What do you mean “messed up my whole view”? The default show all is a crying shame of a cluster F IMHO, LOL… any botched together custom ui will probably suit it’s user’s needs much better.

Just delete everything from the raw editor and save