Can't download snapshots (HA restarts)

This is really strange but seam to have something todo with InfluxDD (I’m guessing).

As soon as I try to download a full snapshot HA crashed and restarts, I can’t though download old snapshots I took before I installed InfluxDD and Grafana so I’m guessing it might be the size of the db that causes this?
Anyhow, it’s really annoying that I can’t backup my system as before.

Running 0.83.2

How big are your snapshots?

I can download old snaps with size of ~400MB. But as soon I try to download snapshot with 1,4GB of size - I got the same behavior. HA crashes and reboots.

version 86.3

I’m not sure, but I would guess they are big as I have Grafana and InfluxDB enabled.