Can't find HACS in integrations

Having troubles with installing HACS.
Did the installation steps. But when i want to integrate it into HA. I can’t find the HACS in the dropdown menu.
I’ve made the custom_components folder under the config folder.
I’ve placed the hacs folder inside this.
Drawing a blank here

Did you restart HA after these steps?

Yes i did,
I can see the files via explorer. I reset my cache (i think) of google chrome.
normally i did it all.

I have the same problem after upgrading my HA docker install to latest.

Hello, I have same problem with HASSIO on Raspberry. I installed according to guidelins, just I did not SSH (because there are no clear instruction how to ssh and in linux ssh root@hassioIP gives connection refused), but I ran installation script in the terminal add on.

But then, nothing in integrations, not even after restart.