Can't find system_id for simplisafe

I’ve searched every way I can think of, and I’ve read the docs, but I’m still lost.

I’m trying to set up an automation that uses the “system_id” attribute of my Simplisafe integration.

According to the docs, “…the system_id parameter required by the below service calls can be discovered by looking at the device state attributes for the integration’s alarm_control_panel entity.

I honestly have no idea what they is referring to. My simplisafe integration is successfully configured, and I can control my alarm system and door locks through home assistant. However, I don’t have an entity named ‘alarm_control_panel.’ The closest I have is an entity with a very long name that includes my full street address and ends in ‘alarm_control_panel.’

When I look at that entity through the UI, I don’t see anything that looks like “device state attributes” and I’m utterly stuck.

I’m sure I’m missing some obvious interpretation, but I’m hoping somebody can help.

Thank you

Look in developer tools, states.


So freaking simple. You wouldn’t believe how long I spent figuring out where to globally apply a theme.

Oh well. I’ve just about got this whole system configed perfectly now.

Thanks again.

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