Can't find the automation I just created

I have checked the forum for this issue but this is probably so basic that noone had this before :slight_smile:

I’m finally starting on my own automations and used a blueprint to create a motion activated light. Small steps.

After saving the automation I can’t find it in the listing. Tried to create the automation from scratch and saved it - same result.

When I checked automations.yaml I can find it there. I also have some automations adopted from others (via yaml). Does this mean you can’t manage automations via the UI (even if they were created via the UI) if there are automations in automations.yaml?

Have you been to Developer Tools | YAML and clicked on Automations? If you edit automations.yaml you have to do this to reload the configuration, otherwise they will not appear in the UI. A restart will do it too.

Thanks. Turns out that I had automations.yaml commented out as I was testing something else