Can't find Yaml.config files in HA

Hi Guys,

Banging my head against a brick wall here! I can’t locate how to add/update the jaml files in HA. Heres my set up.

RaspPi3 OS with HA running on SSD in a Portainer Container.

Previously, I had HA installed directly on SD card (No RasPi OS) and I could access the files through the File Editor within HA, but now the configuration is obs different and Im not too technical.

I have also set up VNC and can access RaspPi from my Web browser.

Which platform/system do i need to access the config files , HA/Portainer/RaspPi Direct through VNC??

Any help would be amazing - thanks in anticipation guys



First of all, I’m gonna assume you mean yaml and not jaml…

Without knowing how you installed HA, a guess is that your config is located here: /usr/share/hassio/homeassistant

File Editor is an add-on and can be installed through the add-on store. That way you can access your files from within HA again.

If none of that helps, then you’ll need to provide more information if you want us to provide better support.


Hi David,

Thanks for your message and yes I did mean Yaml files ! it was a long day yesterday.:man_facepalming:

So, i have installed HA through Portainer on an SSD on the Pi and when I had previously installed directly on SD card with NO RasPi OS, I installed the File Editor, I could find the Jaml & config files and my life was complete :joy:

However, it seems that now I have installed using this different method, that I can’t see either the Supervisor areas or the Add on Store in HA - see screen shot.

I have selected “Advanced” in my user settings but no joy.

It was suggested to me that the SSD and Container set up was more robust and reliable and as a newbie, i am still finding my feet day by day - but love the capability and stuck at this point!

Any help would! be great - Thanks

Unless you run HA in either its native operating system or a supervised installation (which I do not recommend because … well read the long thread on the Supervised installation topic) you will not have any superviser features. No addons. No file editor. Only raw HA. Now only raw HA is not a bad thing if you prefer installing the things you normally have in addons your own way. But the UI will then be something else than through HA. You need to read up on the different ways to install HA.

I recommend always using the HA operating system. Either use a small computer only for HA. Or a more beefy computer and run the HA OS in a virtual machine.

The Docker installation is for people that like to install all sorts of other things in Docker under their own control.

Thanks Kenneth,

Its all learning to me, so this is great!

Ultimately I want to create a fairly straightforward installation, (switches, plugs, sonos)where I can connect HikVision Cameras, elements of my Pyronix Alarm system.

When I came across issues with the Hikvision cameras, it was suggested to me that a docker installation may be better as I could attached DVR Applications with the containers (which i don’t fully understand yet tbh)

So, if I understand your recommendation correctly then, is to reinstall HA on the RaspPi OS and keep it out of the Portainer/Container system. This way i will get access to the Supervisor and Addons??

I really appreciate your time in replying, i know how annoying it can be when people ask “silly” questions…

Cheers Kenneth