Can't get "Keyboard Remote" to work in HAOS on Proxmox. "Operation not permitted"

Hello all,

I could use some help getting my 2.4GHz remote to work with HAOS. It’s a generic wireless remote (for Android Box or HTPC) with a USB dongle. It’s recognized as a HID device, so should work the same as a keyboard I believe.
Remote: link

I followed the following page: Keyboard Remote

I plugged the dongle into the host machine running HAOS on Proxmox, and passed the USB device through to the HAOS VM.
In HA, under “all hardware”, it shows as 2 devices:

  • /dev/input/event3
  • /dev/input/event4

In configuration.yaml, I added the following:

  device_name: "/dev/input/event3"
  type: "key_down"

Restart HA.

Then I go the developers tab under “events”, and listen for “*” events. But no response to my key presses.

When I go to the “terminal” and try:
cat /dev/input/event3
I get:
cat: can't open '/dev/input/event3': Operation not permitted
With and without sudo prefix.

Welcome to the Home Assistant command line.

System information
  IPv4 addresses for enp0s18:
  IPv6 addresses for enp0s18: fe80::feee:495c:6c19:8dda/64

  OS Version:               Home Assistant OS 9.5
  Home Assistant Core:      2023.2.3

  Home Assistant URL:       http://homeassistant.local:8123
  Observer URL:             http://homeassistant.local:4357
~ cat /dev/input/event3
cat: can't open '/dev/input/event3': Operation not permitted

The “setfacl” command is “not found” when I try to set permissions. I believe this also doesn’t apply when using HAOS (although not sure).

To be clear: My goal is to use the remote to control lights and switches in HA.

Am I missing a step? Thanks for the help in advance!

As an addition, here is the output of:
ha hardware info

Link to file

I believe I should be using the /dev/input/event3 as mu “device_name”. And be able to test it with:
cat /dev/input/event3

Is that correct?

It’s been a couple days, so I hope I’m not rude if I bump this a little.

Maybe there is someone who doesn’t have the same issue, but is using “Keyboard Remote” successfully who could try to push me in the right direction?

The “Operation not permitted” error makes me think it’s a permissions issue. Is there a way to check this somehow? I’d really like to be able to use the 2.4GHz remote to control HA. =)

Thanks in advance all!

I’m having the same issue here with a bluetooth remote that emulate a keyboard, I was able to pair it just fine, but trying to access /dev/input/event[0-9] device file always end up in permission denied

Is there any solutions?

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I have the same problem.

In lstria1704’s configuration.yaml:
device_name: "/dev/input/event3"

I think it should be:
device_descriptor: "/dev/input/event3"


I just migrated from Raspberry Pi 3 to HAOS in VM on Proxmox 8 on an intel NUC.
After thinking I had the same issue and finding this thread I realized I forgot to add the config in the yaml file :smiley:

Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. I plugged my RF remote dongle
  2. I enabled pass-through via the device ID
  3. I verified HA can see the remote as a keyboard:
  4. I configured the keyboard in the configuration.yaml file:
  5. I tested in the events tab of the developer tools by listening keyboard_remote_command_received and pushing keys on my remote:

I hope that helps.