Cant get my Toon to work

Hi all,

I hope anyone can help me with my problem…

I have a Toon Thermostat, with a subscription and not the rooted one.
I want to use it in Home Assistant of course, i have done everything that is in

I have no errors at all in my logs, api stuff is configured as explained in the documentation, until when i configure the Toon integration itself within Home Assistant.
It asks for my username/password, i am 100% sure its correct (i double checked it several times, and logged in to Eneco etc to verify) and it gives an error invalid credentials.

It is the last step of my project to get everything working on Home Assistant and its very frustrating that i cant get it to work.

Anyone else has that encountered this issue and knows how to get it working?
Or has tips on how to get it working properly ?

Im running Home Assistant on Proxmox in a Container (if it matters)

I’m having the same problem. I’ve checked it over and over. But when i add the credentials on the integration page, it doesn’t save the setting.
Anybody have any tips/pointers

I’m running HASSIO 107.5 on a Raspberry Pi 3

Same problem, everything worked fine, after a restart of the VM its not posible to login.
Also cheked Toon login and keys, 100% sure of them.

VM on a Freenas 11.3

Same problem here is there someone white a solution.

Same here. I think there is something wrong between Home-Assistant and Toon. Since today it stopped working. I did a restore of Home-assistant of a version that deffintly was working but still some issue. I have recreated the app in the dev portal same issue.
Toon did it before, closed the api for the internal network connection. So hopefully they din’t close the api for Home assistant as well.

I found this issue in toon problem solving. Frenck is working at the problem.

Peter de Heij

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