Can't re-enable a binary sensor group after disabling

Hey gang, running into a weird issue. I was messing around with a binary sensor group for my exterior doors (as a condition for an announcement automation) and as part of something I was testing, I disabled the group. It’s a new style group created in the UI, and not defined in yaml. Anyway, since disabling the group when I click on it, rather than the typical group config screen coming up I get the group membership screen instead, where you add/remove entities from the group. That screen doesn’t have the enable/disable setting, so there’s no way that I can see to re-enable the group. The group also seems to have lost it’s unique entity ID, so I can’t target it via developer tools. If I try to create a new replacement it tells me the entity already exists though, so it’s not completely gone. I’ve restarted HA and checked the logs, and nothing related to that group stands out. Not sure what else to do.

  1. Go to the Entities Menu
  2. Click on the Filter button on the left of the search bar
  3. In the “Status” section, check “Disabled” (You may also want to uncheck “Enabled”)
  4. Find your group entity, click it.
  5. Click the Settings gear
  6. Enable

2024-07-17: Updated to Match changes to the Entities Menu

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Ok, I’m an idiot lol. Thanks!