Can't remove OpenUV from Integrations

I’ve set up OpenUV in my configuration.yaml with this:

  api_key: !secret open_uv_key
      - current_ozone_level
      - current_uv_index
      - current_uv_level
      - max_uv_index
      - safe_exposure_time_type_2

However, it is also showing up as an integration, which includes the above sensors and binary_sensor.protection_window. This means it consumes 2 API calls every time it updates. I’ve tried deleting the integration, but it just gets recreated when I restart. I’ve also tried manually updating the core.config_entries file to just remove the extra protection window sensor, but that is also overwritten when I restart.

Is there something I’m missing about how integrations work? Can you just delete a single sensor from an integration in the UI? Are the OpenUV docs wrong about it being possible to only consume 1 API call?

I just added it to coniguration .yaml and never had it in integrations and it does show up after restart

i also thing the protection window is a default sensor and cannot be removed and the reason for monitored conditions for binary_sensors would be ease to add additional ones later if required

Interesting, although the docs clearly say you can prevent the calls to uv_protection_window

If the OpenUV integration is configured via configuration.yaml , service calls will consume 2 API calls if monitored_conditions contains both uv_protection_window and any other condition; any other scenarios will only consume 1 API call.

The end of this Github Issue seems to be talking about the same issue, however the component author says to just delete it from the Integrations page.