Can't seem to edit Overview dashboard

I bet the answer is easy but I can’t work it out - I have a brand new installation of HA on a Pi 4b, installed via Rpi installer. I have another installation on a Pi 3 that’s fine.

However, when I click ‘Overview’ in sidebar and click edit/pencil button on far right of dash, I just get this appear:

I was expecting the view where I can add/remove cards. Can someone give me a hint on what I’m doing wrong?

Hi, the overview dashboard is automatically created and should not be edited. You can edit the yaml by clicking on the 3 dots in the window you post. If you do that the new devices you add do not appear in the overview dashboard automatically. The best option is create a new dashboard.

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Why do you suggest the overview dashboard should not be edited?

That’s what I read in the documentation.

“Creating a new dashboard and edit cards

The default Overview dashboard updates automatically when you add new devices. However, once you start editing the default dashboard, it no longer updates automatically. For this reason, we start here by adding a new dashboard. This lets us keep the default Overview dashboard.”

Of course you can do what you want is your system and you decided. Is just a recommendation. English is not my language an maybe ‘should not be’ is not the correct expression.

Ok cool thank you @d13g0m0nt3s !