Can't upgrade to 2023.8.1

trying to upgrade to 2023.8.1 (pip3 install homeassistant==2023.8.1… see below, version isn’t available but latest version is 2023.8.1 - any ideas what may be wrong ?

3, 2023.7.0b0, 2023.7.0b1, 2023.7.0b2, 2023.7.0b3, 2023.7.0b4, 2023.7.0b5, 2023.7.0b6, 2023.7.0, 2023.7.1, 2023.7.2, 2023.7.3)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for homeassistant==2023.8.1

Just use pip install homeassistant

Did you remember to use Python 3.11(.4) for your venv?

pip3 install homeassistant → installs 2023.7.2
i’m using python 3.10

From Breaking Changes:

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HA has a very clear Python deprecation policy, as you’re using a venv you need to ensure you keep rebuilding your venv with the current supported version (which may include a minor version requirement).

Alternatively just use Docker.

got it … must have missed the announcement
upgraded to 3.11
i’ve got two errors aiodiscover and webrtcvad both fail to load
any ideas how to correct ?

What are the actual errors?