Capture change color event

Hi all,
I have a few led strips running fine that I can control with WLED. I would like to to create an automation so if I change the color of any strip all the others strip adjust to the same color
I thought the best way to achieve this would be to listen for a “change color” event and then see the new color and set it for the rest of the strips. The problem is I do not see the “change color” event being published. Is there a way for home assistant to be aware that any led strip has changed its color

I think you will need to do something along these lines:

  • trigger on any state change for any of the strips
  • then look at the color of the one whose state has changed, and apply it to all the others

This may have some undesired effects, though. For example, if 2 of them are off and you change the third, it will turn on the other 2.

If you only want to update when the color has been changed, then I think you have two options. You might (I honestly don’t know) be able to get information from the event that triggers the automation on whether the color has been changed. If you can, then you could look for that. Otherwise you will have to manually store the color of each strip in an input_text and then whenever the automation is triggered you will have to manually compare the previous color to the current to see if it changed.

Those are my thoughts, anyway!

Can’t you put the lights in a light group?

There’s no need to automate this. You can sync WLED devices to each other. See WLED UDP Sync - WLED Project

Youtube tutorial:

Thank you all for the quick response, creating a light group will make it easier and it also gives me the flexibility to control them individually