Car Presence Detection - How To Go About It?

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Hi Everyone!

I was looking at doing a project involving car presence detection in my garage but I was wondering what the best method would be. I’ve seen people put Wemos D1’s to detect the signal strength but I currently only have one Wemos board and 3 cars. Will ultrasonic sensors be reliable? Or could I use a laser tripwire?

Any help would be great.

I’m using an ultrasonic sensor with a nodemcu and ESPHome. It looks like an OpenGarage clone. Very reliable. Add no issue for the past year

Hi @makai,

I think I’ll give that a go then, I just wasn’t sure how reliable it would be over time :slight_smile:
If anybody else has any suggestions, I’d be happy to hear.

Double garage so 2 x OpenGarage sensors for us with no issues. In place for a year.

I did have provide a more beefy power supply than recommended due to the long USB run, but no problems since.