Card configuration: visual editor not always available if embedded

Hi, I have noticed that when embedding a card, it is not always allowing to use the visual editor.
Example: for a weather card within horizontal_stack which is then also within vertical-stack it is fine
The same card in tabbed-card…not, only code editor as an option.

Is there a specific setting for this, i.e. I hope to not have to address this with each card that fails proper embedding (but fear i have to)

This is a third party card. It is up to the developer to implement visual editor support.

I am not sure what the diff is when you say third-party … both vertical_stack as tabbed are ‘custom’ but that said… I will ask the tabed-card dev to review that (and a few others)

Third party = custom = not developed by the home assistant team = not part of the core program.

found that tabbed-card already had this open for a lomg time…apparently it is not always that easy.