Card shading when clicked

I have created a glance card with the code below.
When I click the button (to turn on or off), I get a shaded button that remains shaded until I click somewhere else
Any idea on how I can disable this shading?


  - entity: switch.office_on_off
    icon: 'mdi:lightbulb'
    name: Desk
      action: toggle
  - entity: light.office_accent_on_off
    icon: 'mdi:lightbulb'
    name: Accent
      action: toggle
show_state: true
title: Office
type: glance

Seems like you’re leaving out some information here. How are you getting rounded corners? This is not standard in HA. Seems like card mod is being used somewhere.

Hmm. It’s possible I could have loaded a custom card from HACS… I will need to look… I suppose it is also possible that theme I am using is having an impact

Did you ever figure this out? seems I have the same issue you had. Does not seem to be the theme