Card-templater cards unreliable in fully kiosk

I have a wall panel using fully kiosk on a medium old phone. Most things work perfectly, but I have this one card using card-templater that is very unreliable on that device using fully kiosk. I quote the card config below. On every reload I either get a working card, an error message or the card won’t show up. A variant is also an error message that soon gets replaced by the intended card.

Any ideas on how to solve this? Only happens with the card-templater card and it’s only this device with fully kiosk that are having issues.

type: custom:card-templater
  - sensor.max_temperature_today
  - sensor.min_temperature_today
  type: gauge
  entity: sensor.outside_temperature
  needle: true
    green: 0
    yellow: 20
    red: 27
  min: -20
  max: 35
  name_template: >-
    🌡️ Känns som {{ states('sensor.outside_temperature_feels_like') }} °C ({{
    states('sensor.min_temperature_today') }} - {{
    states('sensor.max_temperature_today') }} °C idag)