Caseta Sensor only reports state on start-up

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Hey guys,

I am new to HA but have been lurking on these forums the past few months as I slowly automate my home. I have HA running on pi 4 with Hue lights, Hue motion sensors, and caseta dimmers.

I have used this community forum many times to learn and debug but I am stumped on this one.

I added a lutron caseta sensor to my setup today. My caseta dimmers work great and I can control the lights from HA. If I turn the lights on manually I can also see the status change instantly.

So for the sensor, I see the entity that was created in HA and added automatically to my default dashboard. However, it does not change state. I can see the sensor change state in the lutron app. If I restart HA once the sensor is in the new state, HA picks up the new state but is then stuck at that state.

I can provide more info but wondering if I am missing something really basic here?

Thanks much for all your help and the great community spirit here.