Caseta Switch Button Automation Trigger

Hi all.
I’m using 2 Lutron Caseta Pico’s and one Caseta 5 button dimmer. I like the functionality of the Pico remotes, but I can’t get the switch buttons to register independent of controlling the light. Basically I’m wanting to use the “Favorite” button on the switch to turn on the wall lamps and table lamp in my bedroom (controlled by Insteon LampLinc plug-in dimmers) to 10%, without turning on the overhead light. I can’t find a way to do that through the Caseta integration, and I don’t see anything in the Lutron Caseta app. Is it something that just isn’t supported by Caseta, or do I need to have something else in HA to handle that?
It would be nice to also be able to use the up and down buttons in a similar fashion.
Thanks in advance!