Cast YouTube video using Node-Red

Can someone please put me out my misery and tell me how I cast a YouTube video to a Chromecast using Node-Red?

I’ve been trying to get it working and searching the web for hours! I can cast other videos fine, I just cant seem to cast any from YouTube.


Node red, no. But you can use the media extractor of home assistant.
I have had some luck with it but it does not cast all videos it seems.

Take a look at the “play a video on chromecast” example and see if that helps. There’s an entry for YouTube.

the example uses the following URL (
when I try to use a Youtube url ( as an example ) it returns "Not able to load media:Load failed Not able to load the media."
Did you get it to work with a youtube url ?


i am having this same error. Bunny video is playing fine, but cant stream anything from youtube.

anyone figure this out?