Center button on a Lutron Caseta dimmer switch

I just bought and installed a whole bunch of Caseta dimmer switches (PD-6WCL) with the intention of having my lights change intensity over the course of the day. I unfortunately didn’t do a whole lot of research and it looks like the top button always turns the light on to 100% with no way to override it, which is less than ideal when my goal is to be able to hit the wall switch in my bathroom at 3 AM and not be blinded.

The more expensive switches (PD-5NE) have a center button, which acts as a favorite button to call up a preset brightness level. Is it possible for HASS to set that favorite setting, and if so, do I have to have the Pro bridge to do so?

I do this with a motion sensor as trigger, but for the button push I think you are out of luck.

Maybe a pico can help here?