Certificate Expiry Component

Where are the variables stored to display

platform: cert_expiry
host: home-assistant.io

mine is corrupt and needs resetting. In the graph it shows 45 days…and the counter shows 17

Quick and Dirty:

You can try the states frame:


and then choose your sensor, enter the required value and click the SET STATE button.

Usually the counter is changed once a day, so wait for 1 day and see what happens.

@metbril Thanks for that…I have updated and will now await the 12 hour cycle to see what gives !!

Unfortunately that didn’t work…its now resumed its count and now is 16 with the graphical representation showing 45…Is there a cache that can be deleted

I’m not sure I understand what you get to see. Can you share a screenshot?

So, a couple things to consider.

First, you show in your original post host: home-assistant.io. Is that what is really in your configuration? If so, you’re getting the expiration of the certificate for the Home Assistant web site, not your own system. You’re supposed to put the name or IP address of your system there. Also, you need to add port: nnn if you’re using a different port number than the default of 443 (e.g., if you’re using 8123.)

Next, yes, you can change the current state of an entity using the States page, but that only changes the value recorded in the State Machine. It doesn’t actually change the entity itself. And the next time the entity updates itself, it will update the State Machine and overwrite what you wrote there. That’s why you observed what you did. If the entity is wrong, you need to fix that.

@metbril is right. A screenshot might help here. E.g., here is what I see with mine:


The graph and the icon concur. A picture like this for you system might be helpful.

@pnbruckner @metbril Thank you both for your help. I really don’t understand how that has ever worked…and it has been for some time, with
host: home-assistant.io
I have however adjusted it to my domain name now and the counter at least is working but the graph I guess will update tomorrow at 8!


This is awkward since the graph should show the history of the value. So you should at least see one last data point with 87.

Are you sure the recorder is still including this sensor? Or did you perhaps exclude it? In that case the last recorded value will be shown.

That graph will only show one day’s history. If you want to see more, go to the History page, or create a history_graph:


Ok now I’m really confused again…I just rebooted HomeAssistant…and I now have no data…
I am using this in my config

Does this have to have https:// in front of the host name ?


No, that’s exactly like mine. Are those the parameters of the certificate, and is that the address and port you use to see your frontend from outside your LAN? If so, that should be fine. But, I’ve found that sometimes when this component tries to see my certificate it fails. In that case, it will probably show as unknown. Do you see any corresponding errors in your HA log or on the Info page?

E.g., here’s a week’s worth of history for mine:

Notice that sometimes there are gaps.

The mystery deepens…I am using exactly the same details that I would use externally

Log Details (ERROR)
Wed Jun 06 2018 21:15:11 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)

Cannot connect to redac.duckdns.org


Yep, that’s what I see once in a while. Usually it works the next time, though.