Chacon Dio One Connect Wifi with

Hi, I recently bought this device (REV-LIGHT - Geconnecteerde lichtschakelaar - DiO Connect) a wifi switch by Chacon. And it work great with the Dio One app. As it’s wifi, I’m looking to integrate it in HA. But without success…
I don’t see a lot off topics about this reference.
Thanks a lot !


Hi, I also have a Connected Shutter Switch DiO Connect (Connected Shutter Switch DiO Connect) and would also appreciate an integration in home assistant.


Have you had any luck?

I’m also interested.
I was controling those shutter with RFXCOM and it worked perfectly, but I recently moved and my house is too big for 433mhz cover. That’s why I installed dio one app and need to connect it to ha.

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I have some DIO REV-Light and REV-Shutter. I implemented an integration that is to be merged in homeassistant core as an integration. See : Add new integration for Dio Chacon cover devices by cnico · Pull Request #116267 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

I use it in my homeassistant installation as a temporary custom integration awaiting it to be integrated in a future release of homeassistant.
Wait and see :slight_smile: