Challenge: loading LTS from external source vs. sensor entity

Hi all,

Via websockets or Spook’s statistics api one can load LTS into SN.
This is especailly attractive for sources that donot have real-time data, e.g here in France both Gas as well as Electricity are acquired from the provider-side with at least (!) 1 day delay, so these cannot be used in regular sensors if you want to have a proper view in the Enery dashboard.
Now, when loading them into LTS, it creates their own LTS entity as well, still without having a ‘normal’ entity. This poses a following challenges

  1. warning in the energy dashboard setup because the sensor is wrong (i.e. missing)
  2. apexcharts cannot use this LTS data without the ‘normal’ sensor

So, I thought to create a dummy sensor with the same LTS entity name to overcome both but … of course… other challenges arise
The dummy sensor cannot be total(increasing) as it should not (!) create new LTS entries wich would throw off the imported data.
As state class measurement it seems to work fine but this again complains about missing “last_reset”… so only part 2. of above gets resolved but this, swapping 1. for another warning/message

Has anyone else dealt with this and how to overcome ‘errors’?

And… I do know there are local sensors I can install for realtime data but that is not my question :slight_smile: