Change color of Picture Entity on Floorplan according to color of LED Strip


I’m currently building a neat looking floorplan for my rooms and I kinda have a specific wish now :slight_smile:
I’m using custom image elements since the HASS provided ones are a bit too tiny and unflexible for me, especially when on mobile they’re kinda hard to tap. Else this question would’ve been answered already :wink:

My plan is to change the LED Strip image color on the Floorplan to the specific color the LED Strip is currently set to. So as example if it’s set to Magenta the LED Strip on the Floorplan should also show Magenta, if I set it to Green it should show up Green, if it’s some in-between color it should also show that color on the Floorplan.
The element in question is the upper left LED Strip picture.

I’ve currently made a generic lit up green version of it which I hopefully can color shift around:

My current Picture Elements Card Configuration (for this LED strip) is as follows:

  - type: image
    entity: light.stefan_regallicht
    image: /local/Floorplans/Stefan/LEDStrip_Ein.png
      'off': /local/Floorplans/Stefan/LEDStrip_Aus.png
      'on': opacity(95%)
      'off': opacity(70%)
      left: 13%
      top: 21%
      width: 3%
      action: toggle

The LED Strip is from Phillip Hue, if that adds any valuable information into the question :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton for you guys help already! I’ve searched around but haven’t found this specific thing yet :slight_smile:

Anyone? :frowning:

wich program did you use for the floorplan?

pCon Planner