Change config of Addons

Hi folks. Probably the same question has been asked several times and I really did my best to find any existing solution the last days. But either the information is outdated or vaguely described so that I am not able to use them as a solution.
I am not a Linux or Docker expert. Actually I am very far away from everything which is going beyond ssh, list files/folders, open files and very basic stuff like this.

I am running HA OS on a Raspberry PI 3 with everything on the latest version. HA OS is 9.4 and Core is 2022.12.5
I installed Influx and Grafana from the addon store and everything is running fine and smoothly. I don’t have external network access which is fine for me and allows me to lower security standards.

Now I wanted to add my Grafana dashboard to a lovelace card in a panel. But Grafana does not allow this out of the box for security reasons. I wanted to change the Grafana config to make this possible. And now my problems start. :wink:

It seems as if I just can’t reach the configuration of Grafana. SSH seems to block it. I don’t know how to setup env variables for Grafana which would allow my to circumvent the config file. And you see, I am a bit lost.

I did find several hints which are years old and seem to be outdated. Can someone give me assistance please?

Thank you in advance!

Hello Tollator,

did you ever find out where to change the settings for the Grafana add-on? I currently face the same problem.