Change ip of integrations

I am really angry and swearing when i want to change the ip of any integration like ZHA or MQTT, they must be deleted and added and configured again with new ip address. congrats and thanks

I like HA, but it is often very inconsistent


Welcome to the forum, czechdude.

Well, that anger and the swearings could have been diminished by proper planning, not only in regards to clarifying the ip-ranges to be used with your Iot-devices in advance.

There should be no real reason left to change an ip address for any smart home device once assigned if proactively planned.

Hi , Just wait until you decide to add a separate WAN/LAN/WIFI to all IoT devices and then migrate olds ones while still having functional setup
For me it is still a sweet pain and I wish I planned for this but I did not know i will end-up with so many devices

So, i will give an option to do this without deleting and adding back, but please do not follow me because there are some risks involved.

Under .storage/config_entries.yaml file, you can find everything about configuration of each integration and you can manually update it. You can easily screw the file and totally broke your HA :slight_smile:


thanks, I went also this way in the end.

And it worked? You didn’t screw anything, right?