Change Lutron IP address

I have a home assistant setup with Lutron Hub. It was working great. Recently I had network change and the network ip address changed. Hence the IP of the Lutron hub also changed.

Lutron was configured in HomeAssistant through the “addon configuration”. I did not do manual config. Hence, I am looking to see the config file where the previous IP of the Lutron hub is stored. I want to change the IP configured for Lutron.

How can I do it?

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I have the same issue. I just changed all my subnets to allow for a larger network (almost hit a full class C network limit).

Have you found a solution to this?

I was able to successfully change the IP address of the Lutron hubs within HA by manually editing the core.config_entities file (JSON) in the .storage folder. In that file you will find an entry for Lutron that looks like this…

Be aware that if you change the certificate file names you must rename them. The certs on my systems were stored in /config.

After you make your changes, a restart is required. I have 2 lutron pro hubs and the integration for each went through a 2-3 minute “initialization” phase.

I tried editing the line in core.config_entries (it actually has no file extension) while HA is running, but after reloading the Lutron integration it reverts back to the old IP. So I tried disabling the integration and restarting HA, but then the IP address disappears from that file. I gripped the whole config folder and can’t find that IP anywhere. But after re-enabling the integration the same old IP comes back again.

EDIT: I made the edit while HA is running and then immediately restarted HA, that worked.