Change on automations leads ha to crash/restart after saving

I have a strange issue here currently, and I really don’t know where to find a hook - your help is highly appreciated.

All my automations are working fine and I can see thema in yaml and frontend. I get no errors or warnings about automations or configs in frontend and logging (debug). My HA is running latest versions in HA OS in proxmox.

A few weeks ago I realized, every change I do to an automation leads HA to a) restart automations function or b) it looks like HA completly crashes and does a full restart ( I can see “connection lost” in frontend). I am not able to continue editing and have to wait for the full restart After the restarts the edited automation is running fine and contains all changes. The same error occurs after adding a new automation.

This is happening to a lot of people, Myself included. Hoping tomorrow is a new release and fixes it. There is a yaml fix somewhere which I’m trying to find again but can’t remember where it was.

There is a simple way to know it for sure: open a Log and see a time of the 1st entry.
Better: create an automation which notifies you about a restart in Telegram.

Thank you! Please share it, if you find it!

Any luck with a fix?

I’ve been having this same issue since around Sep-Oct as well and I’ve posted in several places and can’t seem to find the culprit!


No, same issue after latest updates and still no clue where to find any trigger…

Update: I now uninstalled watchman addon - after this the HA installation is WAY faster - and the automation issue is gone. WHOOT?

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