Change permission USB device

I’ve been trying to get the NUT addon to work with no success, but after some tinkering with the USB device for my APC UPS under Ubuntu and NUT I’ve discovered the USB device does not have the right permission for the NUT service to access and take control over it, I suspect the same problem applies to my official HA OS .ova installation.

How do I get to be superuser and change the permissions for my device?

chmod 0666 /dev/bus/usb/002/007 just gives me an error Read-only filessystem.

[edit] I’ve realized I need to get to run the command outside of the docker container, can’t seem to find out how.

Use the sudo command: sudo chmod …

Don’t work under hassos docker. What I did to solve the problem was actually make a new offical installation with Debian 10 and Docker-ce, that way I got access to the file system.