Changing device name in Home Assistant

Here’s the scenario. I add an integration to Home Assistant. It adds a device called MyDevice. I change the name for MyDevice to MyDevice2 in the vendor app. HA does not reflect the change without removing and re-adding the integration. Am I missing something here? Is there no way to refresh HA from the source?

I realize I can override whatever it is within HA. ie. Edit a device and change the greyed out “MyDevice” name to “MyDevice2”. I would just rather the greyed out name reflect the source.

No. Thats pretty much the way it works.

Some integrations will update the devices but a lot won’t.

The unifi integration is a hybrid.

If you update the device in unifi it picks up the new name but if you remove a device from unifi it sticks around forever until you delete and re-add the integration.