Changing HA port

Yes, I’ve searched and tried many things. I just want to change the port that is used to access HA.

Just about all of the example methods seem to be using an older version of HA, where there was just a main config file with a http section. Come to find out this is now in /.storage and broken into individual files. Ok, so I finally figure out how to get Studio Code Server to not ignore that directory. Ok great, files now show up and I can edit them. I open the “http” file and change the following line with the new port I want to use

"server_port": 8123,

save file, verify config in developer tools, restart HA and/or reboot server. Can’t access with new port. Use old port and go back into /.storage/http. The changes have reverted back to the original. It seems no matter what file I edit in /.storage, it gets reverted somehow.

So, how do I manually edit the files in /.storage and have them stick? I have the same issue with trying to set up ssl locally. No changes stick. Editing any file outside of /.storage works fine.