Changing IP of Home Assistant/ESPHome Server

My Google Fu is letting me down here - all I seem to come across are posts detailing on changing IP of an individual ESPHome device, but what I actually what to know is what is the impact of changing the IP/hostname of the Home Assistant/ESPHome server itself?

I’ve recently purchased a Home Assistant Green and I am looking to backup/restore from my existing supervised version on my Home Server. But want to know if this will impact my ESPHome devices - will it be seamless or will I have to do an OTA reflash for them to recognise the new installation? Or does it rely on mDNS magic?

Yes. ESPHome integration will resolve IP from mDNS name and connect to device.

It won’t matter as it’s HA that connects at each ESP and not the reverse so it should be quite transparent :wink:

What about when ESPHome device connects to Home Assistant to get time or status of a Home Assistant entity? Does it use the connection that Home Assistant made to itself?

yes it’s using the connection started by HA :wink: remember that you never put the HA ip in ESPHome sketches so ESPHome basically have no idea of IP address of HA !

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True, but I wasn’t sure if it was some magic ESPHome server would insert when it builds the binary.

In any case, thank you for your guidance. I feel a bit more confident now in making the transfer to Green!

For sure.
Me compiling binaries for devices not on HA server, but on Windows PC.
So, compiler have no idea about HA server.

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Just to feedback - the advice given was absolutely correct. Migration to the Green caused zero issues for ESPHome device connectivity. There were a few other bumps I had to iron out but this was unrelated to ESPHome. Thanks all for the responses!