Changing secret File need restart?

Hey all,

I store a dynamic URL in my secrets file and includes it in one of my sensors.
If the URL changes do I need to restart HA or is it pulled on every new scan?

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You need to restart for almost everything.

why not just add that ipaddress to you DHCP part router and then it will never change

Thanks for your replies!
Maybe I can give a lil background.
I have a Kodi database and if Kodi gets an update the database name changes.
So I set up my mySQL sensors like that

- platform: sql
  db_url: !secret kodi_db
    - name: "kodimoviesetcount"
      query: "SELECT count(distinct strset) cnt FROM movie_view WHERE strset IS NOT NULL;"
      column: "cnt"

and the kodi_db secret is mysql://user:pass@host/MyVideos116

The part “MyVideos116” is changing on an update.

How else could i dynamically set this portion of string?
I also got a sensor wich gives me the database name. Can i use this maybe?