Changing sensor calibration doesn't have any effect

I have three temperature devices and try to calibrate them via zigbee2MQTT:

As you see in the image, this device shows 93,53% as it should show 98%.
So I set the humidity_calibration to 5 (93+5=98), but it has no effect at all. Even not after 15 Minutes.

Why does this don’t work. I also tried a fast-refresh of all HA settings, and a reboot of zigbee2mqtt.

You will probably find that posting this question in the Zigbee2MQTT forum will be a better place, as this is a a specific Zigbee2MQTT function. I have a couple TUYA Zigbee sensors and have noted that that their calibration functions did not operate correctly, they sucked so bad as a sensor (too slow to post changes) that I just did not pursue a fix to the calibration issue. Good hunting!

@dproffer thanks for your answer.
@moderators can somebody move this posting to Zigbee2MQTT Forum?

No. We are only moderators of this forum. You will need to join and post at the other forum.

I can’t find a forum at this board… but only Tags for it.

Or do you mean the Webpage (own Forum-Page) of Zigbee2MQTT?

Yes that is what I thought you meant.

It is in the correct category here.

Which sensors do you use now instead?

BTW: I only wonder if the calibration is made inside of the zigbee-device itself… I thought it was only a correction of value from HA-Side?!?

I moved to Bluetooth BLE for all my temperature and humidity sensors, mostly these, I have found several sensors with local calibration, for example the Hue motion sensors have temperature calibration. The BLE sensors offer fast enough reading to be useful for home automation :

Ok, that’s interessting. I have such an sensor, but are not able to connect it to HA in any way.
Mine is named TH05 as model.
I would love to have those sensors instead of the other ones (without a display).

Do you think I can add custom firmware for this Model?

Not sure I understand your question.

There is quite a lot of work on using BLE sensors with Home Assistant using various ways to connect them to the HA server. Link below has a list of several BLE sensors that I have working, but this is fairly old in tech time. You will find folks with much more current info on units they have success with here on this forum. 2nd link below is to an interesting project OpenMQTTGateway, it links a lots of sensors to Home Assistant. Good hunting!

See the discussions about the TH05 here:

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