Changing to new ZWave stick

I’d like to upgrade my current Z-Wave stick to a better one that also supports Zigbee.

What’s the best practice for doing this? Am I going to have to do a hard reset and do it all over again?

Or Is there a way to do this without having to repair all of my devices? I’d rather not have to open up all the wall switches again.

Im not sure if you can get such a device that does both - pretty sure you cant at the moment
youd have to use something like smartthings, which does

or, alternatively, keep your zstick and look for a zigbee stick and run them both?

A Wink hub can do both Zwave and Zigbee and several other technologies. If you change controller you’ll have pair the device with the new hub.

I already have the hardware

There’s no way around having to re-pair everything? My Z-wave devices are all inside the walls.

Sorry misunderstood the first part of the question.

If you plug in your old controller, can you access the xml? Not sue if the new controller would accept it but you can try.

I find it pretty amusing that most of the reviews for this are HomeAssistant users :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% positive on this, but couldn’t you introduce your new stick as a backup controller on the old network, then make the backup stick the primary?

You probably will have to use OpenZWave to do this, as I don’t think the HASS ZWave panel can do this. I could be wrong though. It definitely wouldn’t be the first time.

Interesting I will google that, was going to attempt this today. Thanks for the tip.


Curious if you have successfully moved to using the HUSBZB-1 stick with HA. I currently have a Aeon Z-Stick Gen5 that works flawlessly but recently received the HUSBZB-1 as a gift. If you have made the switch can you provide some info on what you did and any challenges you ran into. I’d be interested to try it but nervous about messing up a perfectly good setup at the moment. Any chance it’s as easy as unplugging the one and plugging this in and have it read the existing file and not miss a beat ? (probably not)

Also, have you integrated any zigbee products using the HUSBZB-1 and how did that go? - Thx

I have not had a chance but will report back when I do. I just got 2 Zigbee sensors in the mail so I’ll be attempting that as well.

Switching over to the new stick was not as painful as I thought it would be. I did:

  1. Excluded all devices from the old stick
  2. Verified all devices were gone by restarting HA and checking the entity list
  3. Removed the old stick, factory reset it
  4. Plugged in new stick, rebooted Pi
  5. Included all device with the new stick

So far everything appears to be working fine

Have you tried pairing with any xiaomi zigbee sensors?
If so, how was the pairing process done

I know this is an old thread but i am pretty much doing the same thing switching out the sticks. Anyway of switching it out without unpairing all the devices and then pairing them again? I feel like a lot of people will be doing this as Pi4 doesn’t seem to be working with Aeotec stick

I did read something about passing it through a usb hub to get it work on I pi4… don’t know the details but it’s definitely something I read in the last few days…

Found it … Alerts | Home Assistant Alerts

“That would require removing all the devices from the current stick,
and then including them with the new stick.”
…hahah welp that answered my question. I thought I would go the upgrade route and get a different stick… Setting up 50 devices all over again is something I am not going to do :joy:

i thought there might be a way to edit some config file

Gave up on migration, redoing 50 devices again sounded terrible to me, just got the Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub and back working on the Aeotec 5 stick.