Check for a value in yaml

i need a way to check the variable entity: ‘[[var_entity_06]]’ has a value before populating the card in yaml
- shorten_cards: false
consolidate_entities: false
child_card: false
hide_header: false
show_header_icon: false
header: ‘06’
color_wheel: true
persist_features: false
brightness: true
color_temp: false
white_value: true
color_picker: true
speed: true
intensity: true
force_features: false
show_slider_percent: false
full_width_sliders: false
brightness_icon: weather-sunny
white_icon: file-word-box
temperature_icon: thermometer
speed_icon: speedometer
intensity_icon: transit-connection-horizontal
type: custom:light-entity-card
entity: ‘[[var_entity_06]]’


Please follow Community Guideline #11.

Also, when asking about custom integrations or cards it is helpful if you include a link to its repo. There can be numerous custom components that have very similar names.